Jimmy is an amazing Brisbane-based artist, and I had so much fun working with him. This project let me flex my silly side a little, with the content being more playful in tone to suit Jimmy's art style and personality, while still conveying his broad knowledge and offerings to potential clients. Even though he already had a pretty good base for his site, I was able to clarify his message and improve his site's SEO.

I am Jimmy, an illustrator based in Brisbane, Australia. I specialise in digital illustration, graphic recording and illustrated documentaries, and I am constantly delving into the dark recesses of my imagination to conceive new worlds, characters and concepts for my clients. From banks to charities, zoos to healthcare, I’ve worked with some pretty amazing people and companies in locations around the world. Whether you’re a start-up looking to visualise your business, or an international bigwig in need of a business illustrator, I communicate your ideas in a unique way that engages a broad audience, keeping your company or organisation’s story front-of-mind. When I’m not out chasing sea monsters or trekking through unknown wilderness battling barbarians, I enjoy a fine whiskey with a good record playing nearby.
— Excerpt from Jimmy Patch About Page

Check out Jimmy's website here and see all the work I did for him, and read his testimonial below:. 

What Jimmy Patch says about working with me:

‘Steph Mowry helped me to transform my website into an engaging and informative site by use of her unique copy skillset. In doing so, she has advanced the experience for my client base. Being an illustrator and having a very different offering to most didn’t stop Steph from creating fantastic copy for me. Steph worked hard to understand what services I provided, how best to describe them and the perfect way to enhance the SEO to the clientele I was targeting. I can’t recommend Steph Mowry’s work enough, she is professional, driven and dedicated to providing her clients with the best possible result.’
— Jimmy Patch