I'm Steph, a Brisbane-based freelance writer here to help you get your message across. 

+ Why hire a writer?

Today, people are constantly bombarded by companies trying to get noticed, from social media ads to SMS campaigns, clickbait articles and sponsored posts to more traditional forms of advertising. The market is saturated with blah branding and confused campaigns. Exhausted potential clients have to wade through pages of google searches to find something that speaks to them.

Don't be just another voice in the crowd - let yours be heard. I can help your company find its voice, and write clear, compelling copy that gets people excited by what you do. I can also help with your SEO, create articles and content for your websites and marketing campaigns. I love helping start-ups find their feet and work out not just what you want to say, but the best way to say it.


  • writing is just not your thing
  • you are time-poor
  • you are more passionate about other aspects of your business

it will show in the words.

Whether we want to admit it or not, what we say matters. If something is riddled with mistakes, is confusing or irrelevant, people begin to doubt you. Your credibility is damaged, and people are far less likely to buy what you're selling, in every sense. I truly believe words have power, and am passionate about helping you find the right ones.

+ Services

  • Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Editing
  • Content Creation
  • Voice Branding
  • SEO

Although I work mainly with companies, I have also written and edited stories and books for others and myself. I have also been known to lend a hand with CVs, cover letters and social media posts.

+ Pricing Info

The best way to know how much something will cost is to contact me for a free quote. That way, I know the scope of your project and can figure out how I can help.

The recommended rates for Australian copywriters can be viewed here, and for the most part, I align with that info, but not always. For example, for something like a website, I base my price on how long it will take, how much research is needed, how many drafts are required, etc, because an hourly rate would become too expensive. I am reasonable and flexible, but I also know what I bring to the table. Contact me for more info or a free quote.

+ Terms & Conditions

Project Confirmation

Steph Mowry requires written confirmation from the Client prior to work beginning that the Client has commissioned Steph Mowry to produce written content for their business, and written confirmation of quote acceptance. It will be assumed that this confirmation also binds the Client to these terms and conditions.


All material produced by Steph Mowry remains the property of Steph Mowry until Final Payment has been received. Until such time, the Client may not publish, reproduce, alter or redistribute any material produced by Steph Mowry. Once final payment has been received, copyright of the material transfers to the Client, unless the Client and Steph Mowry have agreed otherwise by mutual consent. Steph Mowry retains the right to use any portion of the material for self-promotional interests, unless expressly agreed otherwise.

Should the Client wish to alter any material after copyright has been transferred, Steph Mowry asks to be informed of the changes.

In the event that a project is cancelled before completion by the Client, Steph Mowry retains copyright to any and all work completed.


Steph Mowry relinquishes all responsibility for legal repercussions that may be incurred on publication or distribution of material by the Client. It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure the accuracy of all content and that all information provided to, or produced by, Steph Mowry is factual and correct. Where Steph Mowry has created original brand/product/company names or company slogans/taglines, all due care will be taken to ensure that no existing copyright or trademarks apply, however any applicable search fees will be charged to the Client.

Payment Terms

Unless prior arrangements have been made, all projects exceeding $200 are subject to a minimum pre-payment of 30% of the total job cost prior to Steph Mowry commencing any project. Projects with a fee of less than $200 require full payment in advance.

The Final Invoice will be issued:

  • Once the copy has been approved by the client;


  • The first draft has been completed and provided by Steph Mowry


  • The client has not provided any feedback or changes to the copy within 21 days (3 weeks). In this instance, it will be assumed the work has been accepted as complete and the project will be closed. Further edits required after this period will need to be formally rescheduled.

Should the parameters of the project change, Steph Mowry reserves the right to increase the fee to take into account any extra time needed.

Steph Mowry encourages clients to contact her immediately to discuss payment options should these terms cause any financial difficulty.

Cancellation Terms

In the event that a project is cancelled by the Client after the Client has accepted the quote and commissioned Steph Mowry to begin work, but prior to commencement of the project, the Client will forfeit their deposit.

In the event that the Client is required to cancel a project after work has commenced, the Client will forfeit their deposit and be obliged to pay for all work completed within 14 days (2 weeks).

In the event that Steph Mowry is required to cancel a project, the Client will be under no obligation to make payment for any work not completed. Any monies already paid (including the Client’s project deposit) will be refunded in full to the Client within 14 days (2 weeks). Should the Client wish to use any completed material and secure copyright to that material, the Client may pay for all or any work completed to date in accordance with the standard payment terms.

My Story

What started as a hobby when I was a tiny 5 year old, changed to a side project while practising as a nurse, and evolved into my own business from there. I am also working on a novel, and enjoy writing personal essays. I run the instagram @badbeachpoetry where I flex my writing muscles and post spilled thoughts. 

I nurse a secret passion for karaoke and will one day win a competition for being the best parker in the world.


@badbeachpoetry on Instagram